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Virtual Office and Mailbox Rental in Sheffield

At Admiral’s Yard Self Storage, we’re here to support you if you require a virtual office address in the Sheffield, Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire area. The perfect mail forwarding solution for any business.

Our virtual office and mailbox rental services mean you can feel secure knowing your mail is directed to a different address. You can choose to collect your mail or have it forwarded to an alternative location. 

Our business mailbox rental and mail forwarding services are suitable for:

  • Office mail forwarding
  • Office & business mail forwarding
  • People on the move – your own private mailbox, keeping your post safe whilst your away
  • People who don’t want to disclose their house address
  • Small business mail forwarding and collection
  • Service address and corporate registered office
  • Ebayers
  • Students, who are concerned about their package going missing in shared accommodation
  • Collectors

Our virtual office space and mailbox services in Sheffield are flexible, we understand your circumstances may change so, we work on a three-month renewable contract. If you are considering renting one of our PO boxes for 6 to 12 months in advance, take advantage of our discount offer applied to longer rental requirements.

Have your personal and business post redirected to a new location, whether it’s for a short or long period we can work around you and your mailing requirements.

For more information bout our PO box service in Sheffield, get in touch with our Admiral’s Yard Self Storage General Manager, Chris Buttree, you can call him on 01246 436225. If you would prefer to contact our team over email, request a quote online today for more information.


Can I get a PO box in the UK?

Yes, we have four storage facilities across England delivering our mailbox service in locations such as Sheffield, Leeds, Bristol & Slough. Our mailboxes are an excellent solution if you don’t want to disclose your home address, but would like a safe & secure location to receive, store and easily access your post.

How do PO boxes work?

A PO box, also known as a post office box is a personal mailbox at our  Sheffield storage centre, that a postal customer can rent if they wish to receive mail away from a primary residence or business location. These boxes are unique & key access is required to pick up PO box contents.